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Studio Guidelines

Studio Guidelines Attendance: 

Regular attendance is very important in order to better your dance education. Please make sure your child is on time for class. Please do not drop you child off any earlier than ten minutes before class time. Instruct your child to wait inside the lobby until his or her ride arrives. Students are not allowed to wait outside in front of the building. A minimum enrollment of ten (10) students is required for a class to be scheduled. We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes if a minimum enrollment is not maintained.

Class Cancellation: 

When classes need to be canceled for circumstances which are beyond the Studio’s control such as inclement weather, flooding, hurricane, etc, makeup classes, if any, are at the discretion of the Studio Director only. Unlike educational school programs, we do not have the option of adding days to the end of our year to accommodate missed classes, and our studio facility has other on-going classes which keep us from scheduling make-up classes. No reimbursement of tuition is given when classes are canceled or missed.

Class Moms: 

Each class will have a Class Mom to assist in distribution of studio information. Your Class Mom is there to help things run smoothly. A Class Mom Coordinator will be available to assist each Class Mom with her responsibilities. Please remember the Class Mom is a volunteer and her time is valuable. Please return phone calls and do everything possible to make her job with the studio as convenient as possible.


Holidays will generally follow public school schedules. We observe the same major holidays as the public schools during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras and Easter. We are also closed for Halloween. All students are advised to carefully review monthly newsletters for further information on Studio holidays. At the sole discretion of Creative Dance Studio, “minor” holidays which are public school holidays may not be observed in order to provide equal dance instruction to all students. Holiday closures or openings are posted in the monthly newsletters.

Class Observation: 

Once a month the class monitors will be turned on and you will be able to watch your dancer from the waiting room. You will receive advance notice of our parent in-class observations held in December and in the spring. Videos and pictures may be taken at this time. Students will concentrate and learn more freely without any distractions, therefore observing class at any other time is not permitted. No one except staff will be allowed in the classrooms.

Waiting Room: 

We are very proud of our Studio and we are working very hard to keep it clean! Students must change from their street shoes to their dance shoes before entering the studio. Please refrain from using the bathrooms as dressing rooms. Two separate dressing rooms are provided for your convenience. All children must be supervised at all times! Please see that extra children or students are not being disruptive in the studio,

Our waiting area is carpeted, therefore, no gum, eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the waiting room.

Creative Dance is a smoke free environment – there is no smoking allowed on the premises.

Absolutely no pets are allowed in the studio at any time. Please, no gossip among the mothers or students in the waiting room regarding any dance business or students.

Please keep all subjects of conversations appropriate for the ears of our little dancers.

Absolutely NO conversations of a personal nature, marital issues, etc are appropriate in our waiting area or in the parking lot where they might be overheard by others. Please hold those conversations elsewhere.


All cars must be parked in front of the dance studio, There is no parking behind the building or at Grace Memorial Church. The parking area is dangerous! No skateboarding, ball playing, rough-housing, etc is permitted. Please make sure that extra children are not being disruptive outside the building or in the parking lot.

Please observe the handicapped parking sign and do not park in that site unless you have a state-issued handicapped sign or sticker.


Performances will be presented at the Northshore Harbor Center. Additional information will be given to you at a later date. We will provide you with more information as soon as more details are confirmed.

Recital Program: 

Ad meetings will be held in late October, but sales cannot be turned into the Studio Office until February 1st. This will allow individuals wishing to sell ads during the holidays to have the information and pricing prior to the studio closing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

High School Graduates:

All high school student assistant graduates for the upcoming year must submit a participation form  the Studio Office by February 1.

10th Year Specialty Dancers: 

All 10th Year Specialty Dancers for the upcoming year must submit a participation form  the Studio Office by January 31.

Pictures and Video Taping: 

There will be absolutely no photographs or video camera recording of any kind at Creative Dance Studio recital performances. Audience members found taking photographs or videos of any kind will be asked to stop, and if necessary removed from the audience by Security. This includes photographs taken with cell phones or any other type of camera whatsoever.

Parents should clearly and completely advise their guests of Studio Policy concerning photography and video taping during recital performances.

A professional videographer will video recital performances and you may purchase DVDs from them.

Pictures and videos may be taken at dress rehearsals only!! Parents are also asked to follow Recital Worker’s instructions when taking pictures in the dressing rooms (to ensure privacy of others in the area and to keep the class together when it is time to line up).


I expect and respect proper discipline at all times. You can be assured your child is receiving “The Finest in Dance Education”. Our classes are instructed and disciplined in a caring atmosphere.


All dancers will be allowed to go to the bathroom at any time they need to. However (especially in the younger classes), if they need to be escorted to the bathroom it takes away from class time for all the students when the teacher or assistant must help the child to the bathroom., and there tends to be ‘epidemics’ of bathroom times when the first one begins!

It will help if you take your child to the bathroom prior to class starting, whenever possible.